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 Rules for Combat

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PostSubject: Rules for Combat   Rules for Combat EmptyWed May 13, 2015 7:59 pm

So I am going to try to use dice. To use dice in combat you will type whatever you do then hit preview and under the reply box there will be a bar that says dice and you will chose the dice you use, and how many you used:

Hit: to see the if you hit
Melee: damage done with just a normal attack (weapons add damage)
D jutsu: damage done using a d jutsu
C jutsu: damage done for a c jutsu
B jutsu: damage done for a b rank
A jutsu: you get ot?
S jutsu: course you get it. Use the dice of the jutsu you use.
Release: to try to get released from a genjutsu. The number to beat is under the jutsu.

taijutsu will be able to be used three times in one post while ninjutsu and genjutsu only once per post, so taijutsu does less damage but has a chance to do more damage if all attacks land.

NEVER assume hits, just say "I try to hit his face then his chest and then sweep legs" the rolls will be in that order. and if a they hit you have to roleplay what happens such as getting your legs, you need to say "i fall to the ground and roll then stand up"

Do not do to much. There will be an example of combat and whats is acceptable. I will be monitoring all combat, but if you feel that someone is not being fair let me know and I will judge and address that issue privately.

Also there will be example of this soon.
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Rules for Combat
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