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 The world you will be playing in

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PostSubject: The world you will be playing in   The world you will be playing in EmptyFri May 15, 2015 10:41 am

Info about the world you shall be playing in there may be spoilers:

This takes place after the naruto Manga. The Lands united to crate the Shinobi Union, as time passed the shinobi union grew from just one building that was used to delegate missions to a small village. As the Shinobi union continued to grow it was decided by all of the Kage that the Shinobi Union should become another entity, a perfect neutral city. To be Neutral shinobi from all the lands swore allegiance to this land, then children started being born there. Since the kages united to build this city it grew quickly with the money donated. The name changed from Shinobi Union to the Shinobi Republic.

The Shinobi Republic has its own standing army, but can not act without the majority votes from the Kage. The city still handles the missions that the other villages need. This system has kept peace for a long time. The Village is built around a shrine that is atop a 2000 step staircase with a statue of naruto and sasuke on opposite sides.

There are no longer jinchurikis but the tailed beasts Roam free but are not a threat. The tailed beast roam free roam and act as a preventive measure for war, because they want the peace that was brought by their friend.

The City is ruled by a council of five. The council members are all shinobi since this city was based on Shinobi. Each member controls represents a different faction of the village. The kage meet with the council to voice what should be done with the military force. The council then votes on what sort of action should be taken. Which is then passed down to Shiko Nara who the assigns missions to the Cities ninja. The city remains neutral, by the council and even though the city has a strong shinobi force it could not handle a war with mutiple villages. It is in the middle of the countries so it is not a strong military placement.

World outside the City:
The five great Hidden Villages are still in power, with the Five kage now in charge rather than Daimyo's. The villages have Daimyos but they act as advisors to the Kage to help avoid wars. The kage's work to keep peace with each other. They meet with the council of the Shinobi Republic once a month to discus what missions need to be done. They do this to avoid competition for money and it also helps to keeps the Shinobi Republic funded. The Kage also keep some missions for their respective villages to keep funding for themselves as well.
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The world you will be playing in
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