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 Takahashi Clan

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Hiryu Takahashi

Hiryu Takahashi

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PostSubject: Takahashi Clan   Takahashi Clan EmptySun May 17, 2015 3:37 pm

-Name: Takahashi Clan

-Village: outskirts of Konoha but moved to Shinobi Village after its creation

-Bloodtrait: affinity for dragons; toughened skin and increased elemental power when a dragon has been summoned

-Background: The Takahashi clan, is a clan of extremely skilled ninjutsu users. This talent in ninjutsu is due to there close relationship to dragons, and the teachings they have learned from them. However, once every few generations, a member of the clan will be born with such enormous skill in ninjutsu that their techniques cause there opponents to be evaporated once a certain level of skill has been reached. There fighting style is a mix of ninjutsu and taijutsu that is strongly focused in ninjutsu. There use of genjutsu is not strong and neither is there defense of it, however when they fight side by side with a dragon they are better suited for battling genjutsu users. This closeness to dragons developed early on in the clans history and has been kept since then. The clan elders have yearly meetings with the Dragon Elders at Dragon cave, to discuss children of the clan who show potential to become a powerful sage.
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Takahashi Clan
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