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 poll questions

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combat in the story
No dice rolling (pure roleplay)
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Dice rolling (use mechanics and stats)
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PostSubject: poll questions   poll questions EmptySun May 24, 2015 3:06 pm

So the jutsu numbers have to be redone. I am thinking it would be more fun and simpler if there were no dice mechanics in the story.

During pvp dice and stats would be used to prevent god modeing and biased from the judge (me)

Saying all this you would be severly punished if you god mode in the story

Punishment as follows:
1st offense warning
2nd offense demotion (cant rank up if at genin level)
3rd offense 25 percent of your jutsus taken away (picked by me)
4th offense all jutsu taken away
5th offense banned (sorry but you did it 5 times)
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poll questions
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